East Midland Coatings: Cerakote Ceramic Coating Services

Unveiling the Ultimate in Coating Durability with Cerakote

At East Midland Coatings, innovation blends seamlessly with superior quality in coating technologies. Cerakote is our premier ceramic coating solution, carefully developed for a wide array of uses, from the tough environments of industrial machinery to the precision needs of consumer automotive products.

Celebrated for its outstanding resilience, Cerakote is raising the bar for coating performance, delivering unparalleled durability and resistance.
This all comes without sacrificing visual appeal or environmental responsibility.

Ceramic Coatings: Cerakote Technology

Cerakote, known for its robust chemical-resistant and high-temperature enduring properties, marks the dawn of a new era in the coatings industry. This industrial ceramic coating excels in offering protection that far surpasses traditional coatings, providing a unique blend of durability and performance. Through rigorous laboratory testing, Cerakote has established its enduring quality and efficacy, positioning itself as an emblem of groundbreaking technology.

Distinctive Features:

  • Exceptional Durability: Surpassing traditional coatings in both longevity and resistance.
  • Extreme Temperature Resilience: Capable of enduring temperatures significantly higher than standard coatings.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Available in a variety of colours, including custom options tailored to meet specific design needs.
Durable Cerakote coated component by East Midland Coatings.
Durable Cerakote coated component by East Midland Coatings.
Durable Cerakote coated component by East Midland Coatings.

Industrial Applications

Cerakote’s exceptional qualities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Firearms:
    Military grade ceramic coatings that outperform any other finish in the industry. Endless colour and design options give you the option to customise your firearm in any way.
  • Automotive Components:
    Cerakote is often the go-to automotive ceramic coating, providing lasting protection and enhanced aesthetics for automotive parts.
  • Industrial Machinery:
    Offering resistance to harsh conditions and chemicals in industrial environments.
  • Consumer Goods:
    Enhancing the durability and appearance of consumer products with a premium finish.

Why Cerakote Ceramic Coatings?

  • Superior Resistance and Protection: Cerakote excels in protecting against wear, corrosion, and chemicals, making it ideal for high-demand applications.
  • Safety and Environmental Compliance: Free from harmful substances, Cerakote ensures safety and adheres to environmental regulations.
  • Customisation and Design Flexibility: With a range of colours and finishes, Cerakote allows for unparalleled design versatility.
Durable Cerakote coated component by East Midland Coatings.

Why Choose East Midland Coatings for Cerakote

At East Midland Coatings, we leverage extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver coatings that redefine expectations. Cerakote is not merely a product; it’s a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Whether your focus is on industrial performance or enhancing consumer products, our Cerakote coatings provide the perfect fusion of durability and design.

Elevate Your Coatings with Cerakote

Discover the unmatched performance and aesthetics of Cerakote coatings with East Midland Coatings.

Ready to see the difference Cerakote can make for your products?

Durable Cerakote coated component by East Midland Coatings.


How does Cerakote compare to other industrial coatings?
Cerakote offers superior protection and durability, outperforming other coatings in harsh environments and under extreme use.
Can Cerakote coatings be customised for unique applications?
Absolutely. Our team specialises in developing custom Cerakote solutions tailored to the specific needs of diverse industries.
Are Cerakote coatings eco-friendly?
Yes, Cerakote coatings are formulated to be environmentally friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.