Is Xylan The Same As Teflon?

Xylan & Teflon are each a family of fluoropolymer coatings. Both brands include a vast collection of finishes with each finish designed and formulated to increase performance for a specific reason or benefit.

East Midland Coatings Ltd are experienced applicators of both Xylan and Teflon brands. For advice on which of these brands will suit your application, please contact EMC on 01455 619176. Or visit our dedicated Xylan coating page for more information.

Where Is Xylan Found?

Xylan is made across the globe in a number of manufacturing facilities. The UK manufacturing site is based in Runcorn. But, if you require a Xylan applicator, East Midland Coatings Ltd are an approved and experienced applicator of the Xylan brand.

The Xylan range of coatings is vast. Therefore, Xylan coated parts can be found in a number of industries in a wide variety of environments. For more information, please visit our dedicated Xylan page.

Is Whitford Xylan Coating Safe?

As long as Xylan is applied safely and correctly following the manufacturers guidelines, Xylan is perfectly safe. The use of an approved and experienced applicator, such as East Midland Coatings, would be recommended. For more information, please visit our dedicated Xylan page.

What Is Whitford Xylan?

Xylan (pronounced Zy-lan) are a family of fluoropolymer hybrid coatings, consisting of PTFE, PFA and FEP. They are first and foremost dry-film lubricants. However, they have many desirable secondary properties. For instance, in the industrial world, they are known as extreme performance coatings. For more information, please visit our dedicated Xylan coating page.

How Does E-Coat Work?

E-coat is otherwise known as Electrophoretic Coating, EP Coat, EDP Coating, Electropainting and KTL. It refers to the high-tech process of using an electrical current to deposit a coating onto a component. Furthermore, the method works on the principle that “opposites attract” as the parts are positively charged. However, the solution is naturally negatively charged. It is widely used in a variety of industries. In addition, due to the controllability of thickness, it is ideal for the automotive sector. For more information, please visit our dedicated e-coat page.

Can You E-Coat Aluminium?

Each e-coat facility is different and many e-coaters are limited to coating just steel components. However, here at EMC, our e-coat is designed specifically to coat multiple metals including steel and different grades of aluminium. The in-line pre-treatments are crucial to allow us to do this. Furthermore, we coat hundreds of Aluminium parts in our e-coat finish, Excellube EC10, to protect from corrosion and provide an attractive, semi-gloss black coating. If you have aluminium parts that you require e-coating, please get in touch with us to become your chosen e-coat applicator. Or, for more information, please visit our dedicated e-coat coating page.

Can You Powder Coat Over E-Coat?

Absolutely! Although Excellube EC10 contains PTFE, it can still be top coated with a variety of powder coats. The benefit of this is that e-coat coats 100% of a part, even in intricate areas where powder coating can’t reach. Additionally, the coating thickness is controlled so coating dimensionally sensitive areas, such as threads is no concern.

Once the part is top coated with powder, the parts offer even stronger corrosion resistance and in a wider variety of colours. Of course, this is all dependent on the skill and competence of the e-coat application. Here at EMC, we have applied e-coat for many years and have substantial experience across numerous industries. The experience we have is second to none and you can be assured to receive a quality e-coat service with us. For more information, please visit our dedicated e-coat page.

What Is Molykote?

Molykote is a family of coatings designed for lubrication purposes. Each coating within the range has a slightly different formulation to provide slightly different benefits. All Molykote anti-friction coatings are Molybdenum Disulphide based. Therefore, they are excellent dry film lubricants, particularly under extreme pressures. Hence, Molkote anti-friction coatings can improve reliability and performance whilst preventing failures across a spectrum of applications. Please visit our dedicated Molykote coating page for more information.



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