Molykote Coatings by East Midland Coatings Ltd

At East Midland Coatings, we specialise in Molykote® coatings – the renowned brand from Dow Corning, engineered to tackle your most challenging lubrication issues while saving energy through reduced friction and wear.

Our Molykote coatings are not just products; they’re comprehensive solutions crafted to enhance the performance and lifespan of your machinery and components.

Why Choose Molykote?

Molykote® coatings stand out for their versatility and effectiveness, offering solutions for a range of industrial needs:

Friction Control: Exceptional under extreme loads and operating conditions.
Noise Reduction: Minimises operational noise in machinery.
Corrosion Protection: Offers robust rust and corrosion resistance.
Wide Temperature Range: Performs reliably across diverse temperature settings.
Process Efficiency: Enhances operational efficiencies by reducing wear.
Chemical Resistance: Withstands harsh chemical environments.

Our Expertise with Molykote® Coatings

With years of experience, our team at East Midland Coatings possesses deep knowledge in selecting the appropriate Molykote product for your specific needs. Our portfolio includes Molykote 111 and Molykote coatings, each with unique properties to cater to different applications.

Our Approach: Custom Coating Solutions

Understanding the intricacies of different industrial requirements, we offer personalised consultations to guide you through selecting the best Molykote solution. Our approach is focused on providing you with a coating that not only meets your needs but also enhances the efficiency and longevity of your components.

Ready to Transform Your Components?

Discover how Molykote coatings from East Midland Coatings can revolutionise the performance of your machinery. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in industrial coating solutions.

Molykote® Coatings FAQs

What is Molykote® Used For?
Molykote is known for its superior anti-friction properties, ideal for threads in screws, nuts, bolts, and specialised machinery. It excels under high load or pressure, making it the go-to choice for anti-friction applications.
Is Molykote® a Lubricant?
Absolutely. Molykote serves as a dry film lubricant, reducing the coefficient of friction significantly and preventing galling, seizing, and corrosion.




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