High-Performance Industrial Coatings

Unlock superior protection for your components with East Midlands Coatings, the preferred choice for high-performance industrial coating services. We offer a diverse range of coatings, each promising superior corrosion protection, friction reduction, wear resistance, and aesthetic finishes. Our mission is to provide customised coating solutions that elevate your components’ durability, functionality, and visual appeal.

Our Industrial Coating Services

Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic Coating

Utilise our automated E-Coat process, laden with PTFE, to ensure coatings that offer excellent friction reduction and unbeatable corrosion resistance.

Xylan Coatings

Xylan® Coatings:

Experience the Xylan® range that presents a variety of finishes designed to solve a multitude of challenges. As approved applicators for several years, we bring vast experience and proficiency with Xylan®.

Molykote Coatings

Molykote® Lubrication:

Save energy and reduce wear with Molykote®, our brand designed and engineered to solve your lubrication-related problems.

Rubber Washers

Resilon® Solutions:

Choose Resilon® for noise reduction, abrasion protection, and release properties on rubber substrates, making it perfect for automotive sealing components.

Teflon, Bonderite, and Other Coatings

Teflon, Bonderite, and Other Coatings

We aim to offer the ideal solution to your unique challenges with our broad portfolio of coatings, including Teflon and Bonderite.

Plastic Coatings

Plastic Coatings:

Protect your components against the harshest environments with our range of plastic coatings.

Compositie Zinga Potten

Zinga® Solutions:

As approved distributors and applicators of the Zinga® range, we deliver coatings with excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Tumble blasting


Our complete selection of pre-treatment methods ensures the best standard of coating performance.

Coating Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our coatings are not limited to a single industry. We provide automotive coatings, construction coatings, and food and beverage coatings, while also catering to industries like oil and gas, marine, aerospace, defence, and heavy industry with custom coatings. No matter your sector, we have a high-performance coating that’s right for you.

Why Choose East Midlands Coatings?

East Midlands Coatings provides a unique blend of experience, quality, and customer service, making us a leading choice for industrial coatings. Our team of experts are dedicated to understanding your specific needs, providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency, longevity, and improved aesthetics in your operations.


How do Industrial Coatings Improve Component Life?
High-performance coatings protect components from wear and corrosion, extending their lifespan and optimising their performance.
Can Coatings be Customised to Specific Needs?
Absolutely. We provide custom coatings, tailored to the specific needs of your industry and applications
Are Coatings Suitable for Heavy Industries?
Yes. Our coatings offer excellent wear resistance and corrosion protection, making them suitable for even the most demanding heavy industry applications.
Can Coatings Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Components?
Definitely. Beyond their functional benefits, our coatings can also provide aesthetic enhancements with a variety of finishes.
How does Pre-Treatment Improve Coating Performance?
Pre-treatments are essential to ensuring optimal adhesion of the coating, improving its performance and longevity.
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