Here at EMC, we offer a range of anti-friction fluoropolymer coatings that are designed and engineered to provide dry film lubrication to reduce surface roughness. Even under extreme conditions and operating loads, our PTFE or Molybdenum Disulphide based coatings can provide the optimum level of friction to improve performance.

Friction reducing coatings can be used in a hugely diverse
number of applications, such as:

Interior automotive components
Automotive machinery & engine components
Threaded fasteners – screws, nuts, etc.
Seals and gaskets
Production processes – hoppers, chutes, etc.
Springs – compression, torsion or extension
Pneumatic components to improve air flow
and much more

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Our experience

We coat metals, rubbers and plastics with the aim to reduce wear and improve the life and productivity of parts. With coefficient of friction values as low as 0.02, our coatings not only provide excellent friction reduction but also secondary benefits such as reducing noise, sticking, corrosion and many more. Our comprehensive portfolio of friction reducing coatings include Xylan, Molykote®
Excellube® and Resilon®.




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