Bonderite Coatings

Bonderite®(formerly Suncorite) is Henkel’s premier brand for a range of surface technologies such as greases, lubricants, cleaning agents and coatings. East Midland Coatings are experienced applicators of many Bonderite ® coating.

These particular coatings are formulated to create a protective barrier against corrosion, humidity, battery acids, fuel oils, solvents and brake fluids. When applied correctly over suitably pre-treated parts, Bonderite ® coating finishes can extend the life and improve the performance of underbody automotive components.

Unlike many alternative coatings, some Bonderite ® finishes do not require heat curing. Therefore, it it can be the perfect choice for temperature sensitive substrate applications. In addition it removes the need for potentially expensive baking processes. Consequently, leading to a cost effective, strong performing product.

Xylan Coating

The List Of Benefits Of Bonderite® Include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical protection – battery acids, oils, solvents and brake fluids
  • Can be applied at room temperature
  • Wide colour range

Typical Uses Of Bonderite ® Coating:

  • Engine mountings
  • Springs
  • Brake components
  • Metal pressings
  • Underbody components




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