East Midlands Coatings are leading E-Coat Suppliers. E-Coat is also known as Electrophoretic Coating, EP Coat, EDP Coating, Electro-painting, KTL etc. It refers to the high-tech process of using an electrical current to deposit a coating onto a component. The method works on the principle that “opposites attract” as the parts are positively charged, and the solution is naturally negatively charged. It is widely used in a variety of industries and due to the controllability of thickness it is ideal for the automotive sector.

There are a number of advantages to coating your parts in our Electrophoretic coating Excellube® EC10 which include:


Excellent corrosion resistance
Outstanding low friction performance
100% coverage – ideal for intricate and complex components
Thickness controllability – a uniform coating is easier to achieve than other application methods
Can be used as a primer to multiple top coat systems or as a stand-alone single coat system
Decorative and cosmetic – Excellube EC10 is a black glossy coating that looks fantastic
Multiple metals can be coated

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E-Coat FAQs

How long does e-coating last?

Providing it is applied well and correctly, e-coat can last for many years. Here at East Midland Coatings, we ensure that parts are correctly pre-treated so that optimum performance of our e-coat system, Excellube EC10, is obtained. How long the coating lasts ultimately depends on the environment that the parts are exposed to, but Excellube EC10 has been extensively tested in a variety of environments. For more information, please get in touch to speak to one of our experienced team.

Can you paint over e-coat?

E-coat can indeed act as a primer to a multitude of topcoats. Whether it be wet spray, powder coat, or PTFE coating systems, Excellube EC10 is a tried and tested primer. The theory being that e-coat obtains full coverage and therefore full protection of parts from corrosion, then the topcoat enhances this on the visual areas of the part, with the possibility of any colour the end user requires. A specification used by many of East Midland Coatings’ current customers.

What’s the difference between e-coat and powder coat?

Powder coat is considerably thicker. Thickness varies between powder coat systems but is typically 100-400µm, as opposed to e-coat being typically 10-25µm.
The application process of e-coat and powder coating is also very different. E-coat is an automated immersion process involving electricity, which therefore coats 100% of the part with uniform dry film thickness. Powder coating is typically applied using an electrostatic spray gun, which can limit achieving full coverage on intricate parts.
E-coat is ideal for intricate, threaded components to optimise corrosion protection. Excellube EC10, our e-coat finish, can and is used as a primer to powder coatings. Achieving the highest level of corrosion resistance.

How thick is e-coating?

Our e-coat finish, Excellube EC10, is typically 10-25µm. Thickness can vary depending on the size and composition of each part, but uniform thickness is always guaranteed. Being only 10-25 µm, e-coat is the perfect choice for threaded components, or any parts where thickness tolerances are limited.


Where is e-coating used?

Many industries take advantage of the e-coat process. Basically, any industry that utilises metals that are subject to rust will benefit from the e-coat system. We coat parts for the automotive, defence/military, agricultural, construction, electrical, pneumatic, rail industries to name a small selection. Typically, Excellube EC10 is used on small, intricate parts where tolerances may be tight, and full coverage is required to stop rust from having a chance to start.

What is electrophoretic process?

E-coat is otherwise known as Electrophoretic Coating, EP Coat, EDP Coating, Electropainting and KTL. It refers to the high-tech process of using an electrical current to deposit a coating onto a component. Furthermore, the method works on the principle that “opposites attract” as the parts are positively charged. However, the solution is naturally negatively charged. It is widely used in a variety of industries. In addition, due to the controllability of thickness, it is ideal for the automotive sector. For more information, please visit our dedicated e-coat page where you can even see a video of the process!

What is electrophoretic finish?

Our electrophoretic finish is called Excellube EC10. It is applied using the electrophoretic process (also known as EP coat/e-coat/EDP coating/KTL/e-dip and more). The process effectively adds electricity to the parts which are then dipped into a solution. This achieves uniform dry film thickness on 100% of the part. Ideal to create an effective barrier against corrosion. To see our process in action, please visit our dedicated e-coat page.

What are the advantages of using e-coat finish?

E-Coat’s primary advantage is its full coverage and uniform, thin coating thickness. An automated system provides a repeatable process, so the customer is guaranteed consistency across batches not only in terms of thickness, but also visual appearance. Small, intricate parts are ideal for e-coat, or any components where tolerances are tight. Or even parts that will be top coated to achieve optimum corrosion protection. Our e-coat finish, Excellube EC10, is unique in that it contains PTFE. Providing the finish with excellent rust protection. The bespoke process also allows us to coat multiple metals that many other e-coaters cannot; aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass and many more are all perfectly compatible.

Our Experience

Our electrophoretic deposited coating Excellube® EC10 is a black, semi-gloss, PTFE laden coating. The PTFE content is transferred to the substrate and provides the excellent corrosion and friction reducing properties. In addition, whilst also creating a tough and durable finish.

Our Approach

At EMC as E-Coat suppliers, we have a very flexible approach. Therefore, we can process one off specials, pre-production samples/prototypes, small/medium sized batch runs and on-going contracts in excess of a million parts per annum. We also apply Excellube® EC10 to a number of automotive specs and are approved suppliers across the industry.


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