Excellube coatings achieve WRAS approval

Great news as 2 of our coatings, Excellube B300 & Excellube G10, have been officially WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved. This type of approval demonstrates that the coatings do not contaminate or effect the quality of water when coming into contact with it. The test itself takes months to perform so it is brilliant news to report that both coatings have passed with flying colours.

The coating Excellube G10 provides brilliant anti-friction properties that are perfect for any mating surfaces that require lubrication. Ideal for threaded fasteners used in pipelines that supply drinking water. The dry-film lubrication reduces galling and can increase the speed of applying fasteners.

Excellube B300 also provides a degree of lubrication, but is primarily designed for corrosion protection. Providing the substrate has been pre-treated correctly, this coating can potentially achieve up to 2000 hours’ salt spray resistance. Ideal for coating metallic substrates used in water supply pipelines.

For any enquiries into Excellube coating, WRAS approved coatings, or any other finishing enquiries please get in touch!


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