East Midland Coatings are pleased to announce that our long-term employee, a coating specialist: Lyndon Davies, has recently reach the incredible milestone of 30 years of service. This is a brilliant achievement that both Lyndon, and East Midland Coatings, should be proud of.

He is pictured being presented with a selection of goodies from our QA & Technical Director, Aron Hicklin. Moreover, Lyndon is not the only long-term employee of EMC, with 2 others having over 30 years of service, and 5 others having over 10 years’ service.

A Wealth Of Valuable Experience

This outstanding achievement by Lyndon is a true representation of how we do business at EMC. We congratulate him on his continued commitment and dedication to East Midland Coatings. He has proven the ability to adapt and learn throughout the years and offers a wealth of valuable experience that is invaluable to us. Lyndons speciality is the spray applying of mass volume jobs to a repeatable and high standard, in particular Xylan 1000 series. Long may this continue and there is no reason why he cannot reach the 40 years of service mark.

East Midlands Coatings – Xylan Coating Specialist

With over 30 years experience in the finishing industry, EMC offer comprehensive and high quality services. In addition, we have the flexibility to process orders of mass volume or small one off projects. Xylan coatings are known as extreme performance coatings and are in use for a wide range of industries.

Are you looking for a Xylan coating specialist? Or do you have any enquiries for the Xylan 1000 series? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. There are various types of Xylan coatings available for application at East Midlands Coatings. Therefore, it can be difficult to know what you need. So, our helpful and friendly team would be happy to assist you with any queries you have.

For more information on Xylan Coatings for the Oil and Gas industry, take a look at one of our blogs: Xylan Coatings: The Best Fastener Coatings For Oil & Gas

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