The construction industry, like many others, is continuously adapting and evolving to meet new age demands. As a result, enhancing metal machinery and equipment for longer-lasting performance is vital more than ever. As renowned industrial coating suppliers, we know how best to develop metal applications to boost operations and distribute the highest quality components.

Here at East Midland Coatings Ltd (EMC), our mission is to optimise and protect metal surfaces to withstand extreme conditions from weather and use. Using coatings such as Molykote®, Xylan®, Nylon®, Excellube®, Bonderite®, PPA® and Talisman®, we have set new standards in construction.

Focusing specifically on Xylan coating, one of our most proficient coatings, we’re going to outline its’ key benefits and why you should choose EMC your industrial coatings suppliers.

What is Xylan Coating?

Before we address its benefits, it’s essential to understand the Xylan coating type. Pronounced Zylan, Xylan consists of a family of fluoropolymer coatings such as PTFE, PFA and FEP. These hybrid coatings are dry-film lubricants that offer extreme levels of performance.

What can be coated in construction?

Xylan coating is widely used in construction to advance many structures. For example, safety and pipe coupling systems, wind turbine components, latches, hinges and clips, and lifting equipment, to name a few. Such parts require ultimate properties to withstand harsh weather conditions and consistent use.

What are the main benefits of Xylan Coating?

Industrial coatings suppliers like ourselves strive to use the most beneficial metal coatings available. Here are the main benefits of Xylan metal coatings:

Resistance to Extreme Wear

Firstly, when metal parts are coated in Xylan, they can withstand extreme amounts of wear. In construction, especially, components may be susceptible to pressurised traction. Xylan offers a new level of protection against damage from such circumstances by achieving a smooth and perfected surface thickness.

Resistance to Corrosion

Harsh weather conditions and chemicals used on-site can result in metal corroding. However, Xylan can resist such implications. Combined with our specially formulated primers and pre-treatments, including grit-blasting and zinc phosphating, Xylan offers the best possible protection that is unmatchable by others.

Furthermore, parts are guarded against all climates, offering UV protection against temperatures between -250°c and 285°c. Our team of industrial coatings suppliers stay loyal to Xylan as being one of the most reliable and advantageous metal coatings available on the market.

Looking for Industrial Coatings Suppliers? Contact EMC Today

Are you looking for dependable and guaranteed Xylan coating company? We’re here to help. By choosing us, you can expect longevity and preservation of all metal parts. Xylan is not only resistant to such matters but also offers pliability and adhesion benefits, properties that other coatings are unable to adhere to.

We have had the pleasure of restoring metal applications in several fields, including industrial, marine, hospitality and aerospace. Leaving metal components optimally performing and aesthetically pleasing. Get in touch with our team on 01455 619176, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and the many more benefits Xylan coating offers.

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