Summary. East Midlands Coatings offers Xylan coating services, providing anti-corrosion coatings that enhance longevity and performance of metal components. Xylan coatings, known for wear resistance, low friction, and durability, are ideal for various industries, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring reliable operation.


Anti-corrosion coatings can instantly optimise metal components in longevity and performance. With our Xylan coating services, for instance, we can achieve a wide range of specifications given to us by our clients. As a premium anti-corrosion coating, Xylan can vastly reduce your maintenance costs.

But, what parts require anti-corrosion coatings to maintain their robust structure and aesthetics? See below for further details on the components that benefit most from this finishing technique. Moreover, helping you to understand whether Xylan coating is right for you or if you should choose from the many other coatings from our portfolio.

What are Xylan anti-corrosion coatings?

Pronounced Zy-lan, Xylan coating, it comes from a family of fluoropolymer hybrid coatings that consist of FEP, PFA and PTFE. Primarily being dry-film lubricants, their enhanced performance comes from an abundance of secondary properties. See below for a closer insight into the advantages of our Xylan coating services.

Once applied and cured, Xylan is completely safe. This is mostly due to being WRAS and FDA-approved. The most well-known Xylan type is Xylan® 1010, the product that the manufacturer effectively built their business upon. This version is ultimately designed to reduce friction in environments that involve high speeds, with the coefficient of friction being reduced to as low as 0.02.

Used in a range of industries, this formulation remains Xylan’s ultimate performer for its versatility. In addition, has since allowed the brand to diversify its range of products to suit the industries listed above and further.

What are the benefits of Xylan?

There are several benefits to Xylan coatings. Depending on the component’s needs, these range from:

  • wear resistance to extreme pressures
  • strength
  • durability
  • low friction
  • non-stickiness
  • wide colour range
  • temperature endurance
  • pliability
  • and many more

These properties are particularly favourable in environments containing salt, high temperatures, humidity and UV exposure.

What parts can be coated by Xylan?

Now that you have a brief idea of our Xylan coating services and its matchless properties, let’s address whether they’d suit your component type. As with all anti corrosion coatings, most compatible parts stem from the engineering, rail, construction and automotive industries.

For instance, the most common parts found in these areas range from nuts, washers, screws, bolts, oil & gas piping and pneumatic cylinders. Businesses found in these fields are instantly given peace of mind that applications will run smoother and vastly more reliably. Furthermore, replacement and maintenance costs are cut. Therefore, saving on budget and time.

Anti Corrosion Xylan Coatings from EMC

As renowned industrial coatings suppliers, we understand the demand for optimally performing parts. Major sectors require a level of confidence and dependability that can be met through our impeccable anti-corrosion coatings. Xylan, a brand we trust in, can transform your company. Also, ultimately ensure that your machinery operates faultlessly.

If you’d like more information on our industrial Xylan coatings, get in touch with us today at 01455 619176. Our helpful team will be happy to guide you on whether or not it is suited to your needs. Our immense knowledge and expertise in anti-corrosion have allowed us to sustain client relationships with some of the biggest names today. So, you could be the next.

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