It has been over a month now since EMC has exhibited at Automechanika. This means we can now fully gauge the success it has brought us. Automechanika is a leading trade fair for the automotive service industry. Therefore, since the show direct enquiries have led to sampling and quoting. In addition, we have even processed orders for new customers directly from the show.

EMC At Automechanika Was A Success

EMC can confirm that this year’s Automechanika show was as much of a success as in 2016. Therefore, this new influx of Automotive enquiries has added to the list of other new customers that are benefiting from East Midland Coatings’ service.

With no obvious trend, there has been growth across a wide variety of our services and a number of different industries. For instance, growth in our E-Coat plant has been supported with an increasing need for our food approved non-stick coatings.

Customers are also benefiting from our Molykote and Xylan ranges, as well as Excellube and Resilon. Despite the continuous growth we are experiencing, our fast turnaround and quality of finishing has not faltered. There is also still significant capacity available for new and exciting opportunities.

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