Summary. As a leading Molykote coatings supplier, East Midlands Coatings provides Molykote industrial coatings, primarily for the fastener manufacturing industry. Molykote offers benefits like anti-friction, anti-seizing, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, and overall efficiency, enhancing the longevity and performance of metal parts.


As a premium industrial Molykote coatings supplier, we continue to meet the needs of the ever-growing fastener manufacturing industry. Especially as given the name by Dow Corning for unique lubricants, Molykote is engineered to solve even the most complex lubricant issues, while also being efficient.

Molybdenum Disulphide (Molykote) coatings are in use to achieve a dry film lubricant. Diverse in its properties and abilities, it is highly sought after for screw, nut, bolt or machinery production. So, what makes this such an effective finishing method?

What Are The Benefits of Molykote Coatings?

At East Midlands Coatings, as an industrial coating supplier, we use Molykote Coatings on small metal parts for a number of reasons. Here is an insight:


Many manufacturers and finishing companies such as ourselves rely on this advanced coating technology for anti-friction purposes. It has an immense ability to reduce friction and wear. Therefore, offering next-level protection, leaving parts robust. In addition, ensuring that the fasteners last much longer than the average.

Prevents Seizing & Galling

Molykote coatings are so powerful in their finish, that parts avoid seizing or galling. This way, fastenings can maintain their performance through this new level of structural integrity. Without such a finish, screws and bolts can begin to gall when friction occurs or through the adhesion of metallic surfaces while sliding.


Another major advantage of this metal coating is that it protects the surface from corroding. Like all metal components (especially when outside), over-time, weathering, water damage and general ageing can cause corrosion. This then weakens the parts drastically, which in turn, could mean the replacement of machinery. With Molykote, you avoid this ordeal and instead, are left with fantastic durability.

Noise Reduction

As a Molykote coatings supplier, we recommend using this dry lubricant for absorption of impact and vibrations. When machinery is in regular use, there is a significantly noise reduction. Also, it offers a much more positive experience for operators. Furthermore, when an application’s interior is made up of a configuration of parts that work together, the impact caused can lead to the weakening of the fasteners. But with Molykote, they’ll have extreme protection.


Following on from our previous point, when the performance and lifespan of machine parts are maximised through their finishings, your business will ultimately save time, money and energy. It’s every business’s priority to reduce costs as and where possible. Molykote coatings can reduce maintenance costs and replacement of parts and equipment.

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While Molykote coatings aren’t suitable for all components, they offer a superior finish for fasteners. If you’re looking for a Molykote coatings supplier that offers a fully integrated and transparent service, you’re in the right place. Our processes are thorough, reliable and completely bespoke to each of our clients so that we always provide the best level of service possible.

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